Statistics Colloquium

The Statistics Colloquium brings guest speakers to UConn
each semester to discuss their areas of expertise related to statistics. Lecturers hail from industry, government, and some of the top statistics programs in the nation, including Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Duke University, ESPN, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

These events are open to statistics faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. No RSVP is required. For questions about this event, please contact

Current Events

Spring 2024

Tuesday, January 16
Trevor Harris, Texas A&M University, Department of Statistics
Multi-model Ensemble Analysis with Neural Network Gaussian Processes

Thursday, January 18
Reetam Majumder, North Carolina State University
Modeling Extremal Streamflow using Deep Learning Approximations and a Flexible Spatial Process

Monday, January 22
Maoran Xu, Duke University
Identifiable and interpretable nonparametric factor analysis

Thursday, January 25
Daren Wang, University of Notre Dame
Nonparametric Estimation via Variance-Reduced Sketching

Monday, January 29
William Consagra, Harvard Medical School
Continuous Statistical Models for Modern Computational Neuroscience

Tuesday, January 30
Qing Guo, Virginia Tech
Variational Mutual Information Estimation: from Data Collection to Large Vision-Language Models

Thursday, February 1
Wenrui Li, University of Pennsylvania
Robust Statistical Methods for Noisy Complex Network Data

Monday, February 5
Wei Deng, Morgan Stanley
Non-convex Bayesian Learning via Stochastic Gradient MCMC and Schrödinger Bridge

Tuesday, February 6
Xingche Guo, Columbia University
Characterizing Human Reward-based Decision-making Behavior with Reinforcement Learning Models

Thursday, February 8
Sen Na, University of California, Berkeley
Identifiable and interpretable nonparametric factor analysis

Wednesday, February 21
Himchan Jeong, Simon Fraser University
Integration of Traditional and Telematics Data for Efficient Insurance Claims Prediction

Wednesday, March 27
Dongjin Song, University of Connecticut
Towards Knowledge Informed Time Series Forecasting

Wednesday, April 3
Qian Zhao, University of Massachusetts
Variable selection with a biased sample using tilted knockoffs
UConn/UMass Joint Colloquium

Friday, April 5
Abolfazl Safikhani, George Mason University
Change Point Detection for High-dimensional Time Series Models With Local Dynamics

Wednesday, April 10
Antonio Punzo, University of Catania
Advances in the use of the multivariate contaminated normal distribution in model-based clustering

Past Events

Fall 2023

Wednesday, September 13
Caiwen Ding, University of Connecticut
Design of Efficient and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Wednesday, September 20
Cristina Sison, Northwell Health
Perspectives from the Realm of Statistical Consulting
Distinguished Alumna Award

Wednesday, September 27
Sujit Ghosh, North Carolina State University
Nonparametric Estimation of Multivariate Copula using Empirical Bayes Method
Distinguished Alumnus Award

Wednesday, October 4
Sangwon Hyun, University of California, Santa Cruz
Learning the Ocean’s Microbial Ecology using Statistical Mixture Models

Wednesday, October 11
James Rogers, Metrum Research Group
Logistic regression is not just logistic regression: tales of statistical consulting in pharmacometrics

Wednesday, October 18
Sanjib Basu, UIC
Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling of Restricted Mean Survival Time

Wednesday, October 25
Jim Berger, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Duke University
Frequentist and/or Bayesian adjustment for multiple testing
Pfizer Colloquium

Friday, October 27
Davide Viviano, Harvard University
Policy Targeting under Network Interference
Econometrics-Statistics Joint Seminar

Wednesday, November 1
Norou Diawara,Old Dominion Univ
Copula Based Models for Bivariate Zero-Inflated Count Time Series Data

Wednesday, November 8
Dipak Dey, University of Connecticut
Generalized Variable Selection Algorithms for Gaussian Process Models
UConn/UMass Joint Colloquium

Thursday, December 7
Jun Yan, University of Connecticut
Network analytics with applications to input-output tables
Joint Collaborative Statistics Colloquium

Spring 2023

Wednesday, January 18
Nathan Wikle, University of Texas, Austin
Causal Inference for Environmental Health Data: Estimating Causal Effects in the Presence of Spatial Interference

Thursday, January 19
Marcin Jurek, University of Texas, Austin
Gaussian Processes as a Tool to Represent Complex Phenomena

Monday, January 23
Mary Lai Salvana, University of Houston
3D Bivariate Spatial Modelling of Argo Ocean Temperature and Salinity Profiles

Tuesday, January 24
Ying Zhou, University of Toronto
The Promises of Parallel Outcomes

Thursday, January 26
Guanyu Hu, University of Missouri
Bayesian Spatial Homogeneity Learning for Functional Data

Monday, January 30
Matteo Bonvini, Carnegie Mellon University
Optimal Subgroup Identification

Wednesday, February 1
Richard Guo, University of Cambridge
Harnessing Extra Randomness: Replicability, Flexibility and Causality

Thursday, February 2
Gemma Moran, Columbia University
Identifiable Deep Generative Models via Sparse Decoding

Wednesday, March 1
Paul Cislo, Pfizer
Applications of Finite Mixture Models

Wednesday, March 8
Jingjing Yin, Georgia Southern University
Joint Inference of ROC Measures for Diagnostic Biomarker/Test Evaluation

Wednesday, March 22
Shouhao Zhou, Pennsylvania State University
Predictive Bayes Factors with an Application Model-Assisted Design

Wednesday, March 29
Jing Qin, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
A Shape Restricted Propensity Score Matching Method in Casual Inference

Friday, April 14
Lee-Jen Wei, Harvard University
Lost in Translation

Wednesday, April 19
Maryclare Griffin, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Structured Shrinkage Priors

Wednesday, April 26
Satrajit Roychoudhury, Pfizer
Dynamic enrichment of Bayesian small sample, sequential, multiple assignment randomized trial (snSMART) design using natural history data: A case study from Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Fall 2022

Wednesday, August 31
Ming-Hui Chen, Professor and Head of Statistics, University of Connecticut
New graduate info session

Wednesday, September 7
Jae-Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
"Multiple Bias Calibration for Valid Statistical Inference With Selection Bias"

Wednesday, September 14
Scott Bruce, Texas A&M University
"Interpretable Classification of Categorical Time Series Using the Spectral Envelope and Optimal Scalings"

Wednesday, September 21
Reuben Retnam, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
"A 'Divide-and-Conquer' AECM Algorithm for Large non-Gaussian Longitudinal Data with Irregular Follow-Ups"

Wednesday, September 28
Judy Huixia Wang, George Washington University
"Copula-Based Approaches for Analyzing Non-gaussian Spatial Data"

Wednesday, October 5
Xianyang Zhang, Texas A&M University
"Powerful Large-scale Inference in Omics Association Studies"

Wednesday, October 12
Sakshi Arya, Pennsylvania State University
"Epsilon-Greedy strategy for Nonparametric Bandits"

Friday, October 14
Clarice R. Weinberg,
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Makuch Lecture

Saturday, October 15
Bani K. Mallick, Texas A&M University
Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Wednesday, October 19
Malay Ghosh, University of Florida
Pfizer Colloquium

Wednesday, October 26
John Stufken, George Mason University
Musings on Subdata Selection

Wednesday, November 2
Lucy Gao, University of British Columbia
Valid inference after clustering, with application to single-cell RNA-sequencing data

Wednesday, November 9
Haben Michael, University of Massachusetts Amherst
The Population and Personalized AUCs

Friday, November 18
Hongtu Zhu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Statistical Learning Methods for Neuroimaging Data Analysis with Applications

Wednesday, November 30
Stefano Iacus, Harvard University
Sentiment Analysis, Social Media and Subjective Well-Being

Wednesday, December 7
Steve Leeds, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Non-Technical Strategies and Behaviors Every Successful Data Analyst Should Adopt

Spring 2022

All events took place online.

Wednesday, January 5
Joshua Loyal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
An Eigenmodel for Dynamic Multilayer Networks

Monday, January 10
Abhishek Roy, University of California, Davis
Sequential Decision Making: Nonconvexity and Nonstationarity

Tuesday, January 11
Weijing Tang, University of Michigan
Survival Analysis via Ordinary Differential Equations

Thursday, January 13
Aaron Schein,Columbia University
Complex Structure Discovery and Randomized Field Experiments on Large-Scale Social and Political Networks

Tuesday, January 18
Neil Spencer, Harvard School of Public Health
Fast Approximate BayesBag Model Selection via Taylor Expansions

Wednesday, February 2
Jyotishka Datta, Virginia Tech
New Directions in Bayesian Shrinkage for Sparse, Structured Data

Wednesday, February 9
Jian Huang, University of Iowa
A Deep Generative Approach to Learning a Conditional Distribution

Wednesday, February 16
Simon Mak, Duke University
A Graphical Multi-Fidelity Gaussian Process Model, With Application to Emulation of Expensive Computer Simulations

Wednesday, March 2
Paul A. Parker, University of California Santa Cruz
Computationally Efficient Bayesian Unit-Level Modeling of Non-Gaussian Survey Data under Informative Sampling

Wednesday, March 9
Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, University of Pennsylvania
Distribution-Free Nonparametric Inference Based on Optimal Transport: Efficiency Lower Bounds and Rank-Kernel Tests

Wednesday, March 23
Naitee Ting, Boehringer Ingelheim
Case Study – Clinical Development of an Anti-inflammatory Drug
UConn/UMass Joint Colloquium

Wednesday, March 30
Taylor Arnold, University of Richmond
Data Science for Image Analysis

Wednesday, April 6
Lan Liu, University of Minnesota
The Inner Partial Least Square – A Probe Into the “Necessary” Dimension Reduction

Wednesday, April 13
Scott Linderman, Stanford University
Point Process Models for Sequence Detection in Neural Spike Trains

Wednesday, April 20
Chuan-Fa Tang, University of Texas at Dallas
Taylor’s Law for Semivariance and Higher Moments of Heavy-Tailed Distributions

Wednesday, April 27
Yifei Sun, Columbia University
Dynamic Risk Prediction

Fall 2021

Wednesday, September 8
Yong Chen, University of Pennsylvania Biostatistics
"Non-standard problems in statistical inference: Bartlett identity, boundary, identifiability issues"

Wednesday, September 22
Yize Zhao, Yale Biostatistics
"Genetic underpinnings of brain structural connectome for young adults

Wednesday, September 29
Snigdhansu Chatterjee, UMN Statistics
"Bayesian equation selection and statistical learning of stochastic dynamical systems"

Wednesday, October 6
Sung Hoon Choi, UConn Economics
"Feasible Weighted Projected Principal Component Analysis for Factor Models with an Application to Bond Risk Premia"

Wednesday, October 13
Lily Wang, George Mason University
"Big spatial data learning: a parallel solution"

Wednesday, October 20
Pfizer Colloquium
Mary Gray, American University

Monday, October 25
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
Zhengqing Ouyang, University of Massachusetts
"Statistical Learning for 3D Genome Organization"

Wednesday, October 27
Alex Shkolnik, University of California, Santa Barbara
"James Stein estimation for Principle Component Analysis"

Wednesday, November 3
Rong Chen, Rutgers University
"Analysis of Matrix and Tensor Time Series"

Wednesday, November 10
Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics
Susan Murphy, Harvard University
"Inference Using Adaptively Collected Data"

Wednesday, November 17
Fernanda Schumacher, Campinas State University
"Robust Mixed-Effects Models for Longitudinal Data"

Wednesday, December 1
David Bergman, UConn Business School
"On Integration of Analytics Techniques for Algorithmic Sports Betting"

Spring 2021

Wednesday, January 20
Ran Xu, UConn Allied Health
"Identify Contagion Effects in Dynamic Social Networks: A latent-space adjusted approach"

Wednesday, January 27
Qihe Tang, University of New South Wales
"Insurance Risk Analysis of Financial Networks Vulnerable to a Shock"

Wednesday, February 3
Zhiguo Li, Duke University
"A New Robust and Powerful Weighted Logrank Test"

Wednesday, February 10
Christian Galarza Morales, SPOL-Ecuador
"Moments of the doubly truncated selection elliptical distributions with emphasis on the unified multivariate skew-t distribution: recurrence, existence and applications"

Wednesday, February 17
Sudipto Banerjee, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
"On Massively Scalable Spatial Process Models for High-Resolution Actigraph Data"

Wednesday, February 24
Himchan Jeong, Simon Fraser University
"A non-convex regularization approach for stable estimation of loss development factors"

Wednesday, March 3
Sumit Mukherjee, Columbia University
Math & Statistics Joint Colloquium
"Motif Counting via Subgraph sampling: A fourth moment phenomenon"

Wednesday, March 10
Chongliang (Jason) Luo, University of Pennsylvania
"Privacy-preserving Distributed Algorithms for Heterogeneous Data Integration"

Wednesday, March 17
HaiYing Wang, UConn
UConn & UMass Joint Colloquium
"Imbalanced Data, Negative Sampling, and Nonuniform Log Odds Correction"

Wednesday, March 24
Andrii Babii, UNC, Economics
Economics & Statistics Joint Colloquium
"High-Dimensional Granger Causality Tests with an Application to VIX and News"

Wednesday, March 31
Joseph G. Ibrahim, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics
"The Scale Transformed Power Prior for Use with Historical Data from a Different Outcome Model"

Wednesday, April 7
Shing Lee, Columbia University, Biostatistics
"Incorporating patient-reported outcomes in dose-finding clinical trials"

Wednesday, April 21
Peter Bickel, University of California, Berkeley
Pfizer Colloquium
"Four Excursions in Genomics"

Wednesday, April 28
Garvesh Raskutti, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Sketching meets tensor estimation: Recent developments in large-scale low-rank problems"

Fall 2020

Wednesday, September 9
Ying Wei, Columbia University
"Integrated Quantile RAnk Test (iQRAT) for gene-level associations"

Wednesday, September 16
Tahir Ekin, Texas State University
"Augmented Probability Simulation Methods for Decisions and Games"

Wednesday, September 23
Sumanta Basu, Cornell University
"Sparse Identification and Estimation of Large-Scale Vector Autoregressive Moving Averages"

Wednesday, September 30
Vladimir Pozdnyakov, University of Connecticut
"Discretely Observed Brownian Motion Governed by a Telegraph Process: Estimation"

Wednesday, October 7
Ted Westling, University of Massachusetts
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"Causal Inference with Continuous Exposures"

Wednesday, October 14
Nan Laird, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
The 25th Pfizer/ASA/UConn Distinguished Statistician Colloquium

Wednesday, October 21
Anru Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Statistical Learning for High-dimensional Tensor Data"

Wednesday, October 28
Dong-Yun Kim, NIH/NHLBI
"Continuous Monitoring in a Clinical Trial: A Fully Sequential Approach"

Wednesday, November 4
Steven Culpepper, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"Inferring latent structure in polytomous data"

Wednesday, November 11
Tamar Sofer, Harvard Medical School
"Estimating heritability and genetic correlations with (interpretable) method of moment estimators of variance components"

Wednesday, November 18
Tiandong Wang, Texas A & M University
"A Directed Preferential Attachment Model with Poisson Measurement"

Wednesday, December 2
Yuping Zhang, University of Connecticut
"Statistical Learning and Inference for Biological Networks"

Spring 2020

Friday, January 17
László Márkus, University of Connecticut
"Rough Stochastic Correlation for Modeling Tail Dependence of Asset Price Pairs"
11AM in AUST 344. Coffee at 10:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, January 22
Emmy Karim, University of Connecticut
"Construction of Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Ratios of Means of Lognormal Distributions"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, January 29
Derek Aguiar, University of Connecticut
"Bayesian Nonparametric Modelling and Scalable Inference In Large-Scale Genomics Data"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, February 5
Sangwook Kang, University of Connecticut
"Smoothed Quantile Regression for Censored Residual Lifetime Data"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, Feburary 19
Nitis Mukhopadhyay, University of Connecticut
"Non-Routine Exploration of Jensen’s Inequality, Cramer-Rao Inequality, MVUE, and Symmetry"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, Feburary 26
Marcos Prates, University of Connecticut
"Spatial Confounding Beyond Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Extension to Shared Components and Spatial Frailty Models"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Friday, March 6
Yuchen Fama & Nathan Lally, HSB/Hartford Steam Boiler
"Data Science & Data Engineering @ HSB"
11AM in AUST 434. Coffee at 10:30AM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, March 11
Haim Bar, University of Connecticut
"Large-P Variable Selection in Two-Stage Models"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, March 25
Ted Westling, UMass (joint)
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, April 1
Joseph G. Ibrahim, UNC Gillings School of Global Health
Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics
"The Scale Transformed Power Prior with Applications to Studies with Different Endpoints"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, April 8
Sudipto Banerjee, UCLA
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, April 15
Tahir Ekin, Texas State University
"Augmented Probability Simulation Methods for Decisions and Games"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, April 22
Ying Wei, Columbia University
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, April 29
Dong-Yun Kim, NIH
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Fall 2019

Wednesday, August 28
Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University
"Rank-based Estimating Equation With Non-ignorable Missing Responses" 11AM in AUST 313. Coffee at 10:30AM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, September 4
Tianying Wang, Columbia University
"Integrated Quantile Rank Test (iQRAT) For Gene-level Associations In Sequencing Studies"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Monday, September 9
Michael Lavine, US Army Research Office
"Suboptimal Is The Best"
3:35PM in AUST 163. Coffee at 3:00PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, September 11
Ivair Ramos Silva, Federal University, Brazil
On The Correspondence Between Frequentist And Bayesian Tests
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, September 18
Patrick J. Cantwell, U.S. Census Bureau
"Statistical Methods at the U.S. Census Bureau: From Simple Statistical Theory To Complex Practical Application"
Recipient of the 2019 UConn Statistics Department Distinguished Alumni Award
4PM in Gentry Bldg, Rm. 131. Coffee at 3:15PM-3:45PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, September 25
Suman Majumdar, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut
"On Asymptotic Standard Normality Of The Two Sample Pivot"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, October 2
Eric Loken, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut
"Statistical Intuitions And The Reproducibility Crisis In Science"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, October 9
Forrest Crawford, Yale University
"Causal Inference Under Spillover And Contagion: Structural Versus Agnostic Methods"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, October 16
Hui Zou, University of Minnesota
"A Nearly Condition-free Fast Algorithm For Gaussian Graphical Model Recovery"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, October 23
Min Shu, University of Connecticut
"Real-Time Prediction of Bitcoin Bubble Crashes"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, October 30
Guanyu Hu, University of Connecticut
Joint UConn/UMass Statistics Colloquium
"Bayesian Spatial Homogeneity Pursuit of Income Distribution"
4PM in UMASS LGRT Building, Rm. 1623.
Pizza will be served after the colloquium.

Friday, November 1
Liqun Wang, Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba
"Variable Selection And Estimation In Generalized Linear Models With Measurement Error"
11AM in AUST 344. Coffee at 10:30AM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, November 6
Julio Castrillon, Boston University
"Large Scale Kriging: A High Performance Multi-Level Computational Mathematics Approach"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, November 13
William Evan Johnson, Boston University
"Addressing Unwanted Heterogeneity In Genomic Data: Applications In RNA-sequencing And Prediction"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, November 20
Moulinath Banerjee, University of Michigan
"Communication-efficient Integrative Regression In High Dimensions"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Friday, November 22
Brian Macdonald, Director of Sports Analytics, ESPN
"A Bayesian Hierarchical Regression-based Metric For NBA Players"
11AM in AUST 344. Coffee at 10:30PM in AUST 326.

Wednesday, December 4
Subhashis Ghoshal, North Carolina State University
"Posterior Contraction and Credible Sets For Filaments Of Regression Functions"
4PM in AUST 344. Coffee at 3:30PM in AUST 326.

Spring 2019

Wednesday, January 23
Youngdeok Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University
"Statistical Estimation of Air Pollution Through Integration of Physical Knowledge"
4 PM in BPB 130

Friday, January 25
Yao Zheng, Purdue University
"Finite Time Analysis of Vector Autoregressive Models under Linear Restrictions"
11 AM in ROWE 122

Monday, January 28
Wen Zhou, Colorado State University
"Estimation and Inference of Heteroskedasticity Models with Latent Semiparametric Factors for Multivariate Time Series"
11 AM in ROWE 122

Monday, February 4
Nicholas Henderson, Johns Hopkins University
"Estimating heterogeneous treatment effects with censored data via fully nonparametric Bayesian accelerated failure time models"
11 AM in ROWE 122

Wednesday, February 13
Jun Yan, University of Connecticut
"Generalized scale-change models for recurrent event processes under informative censoring"
4PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, February 20
Joseph Cappelleri, Pfizer
"Advancing Interpretation of Patient-Reported Outcomes"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, February 27
Stephanie Hicks, Johns Hopkins University
"Making data science accessible world-wide in the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, March 6
Erin Conlon, University of Massachusetts
"Parallel Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian hierarchical models with big data, in two stages"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, March 13
Victor Pena, CUNY
"Criteria for Bayesian hypothesis testing in two-sample problems"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, March 27
Linglong Kong, University of Alberta
"A General Framework for Quantile Estimation with Incomplete Data"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, April 3
Donald Berry, University of Texas
"The Bayesian Revolution in Medical Research"
4 PM in CHEM A203

Wednesday, April 10
Patrick Flaherty, University of Massachusetts
"MAP Estimation for the Gaussian Mixture Model via Modern Optimization Methods"
4 PM in AUST 108

Friday, April 12
Debanjan Chattacharjee, Utah Valley University
"Sequentially Estimating the Required Optimal Observed Number of Tagged Items with Bounded Risk in the Recapture Phase Under Inverse Binomial Sampling"
11:05 AM in AUST 434

Wednesday, April 17
Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan
"Handling Sampling and Selection Bias in Phenome-wide Association Studies"
4 PM in AUST 108

Monday, April 22
Francis Zwiers, University of Victoria
"On the challenge of making reliable inferences about extreme precipitation events"
11AM in BCH 302

Wednesday, April 24
Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Virginia Commonwealth University
"Bayesian Nonparametric Policy Search with Application to Periodontal Recall"
4 PM in AUST 108

Wednesday, May 1
Karthik Bharath, University of Nottingham
"Invariant aspects of functional data and their statistical implications"
4 PM in AUST 108

Fall 2018

Friday, August 31
Abdus Sattar, Case Western Reserve University
Modeling of High-Dimensional Clinical Longitudinal Oxygenation Data from Retinopathy of Prematurity

Wednesday, September 5
Tim Killeen, University of Connecticut
A Bivariate Test for Location Based on Data Depth
AUST 108

Wednesday, September 12
Xinwei Deng, Virginia Tech
Convex Clustering for Generalized Linear Models with Applications to Purchase Likelihood Prediction
AUST 108

Wednesday, September 19
Junxian Geng, Boehringer Ingelheim
Probabilistic Community Detection with Unknown Number of Communities
AUST 108

Wednesday, September 26, and Thursday, September 27
Grace Wahba, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Pfizer/ASA/UConn Distinguished Statistician Colloquium Series
Wednesday: UConn Alumni Center
Thursday: UConn Dodd Center

Wednesday, October 3
Vladimir Pozdnyakov, UConn
Discretely Observed Brownian Motion Governed by a Telegraph Process: Estimation
AUST 108

Wednesday, October 10
Peiyong Qu, University of Illinois
Multilayer Tensor Factorization with Applications to Recommender Systems
AUST 108

Wednesday, October 17
Lu Lu, Smith College
Applications of statistics and machine learning in credit scoring: a case study
AUST 108

Friday, October 19
Feng Guo, Virginia Tech
Driving Risk Assessment with the Naturalistic Driving Study
11am in AUST 108

Wednesday, October 24
Victor Hugo Lachos-Davila, University of Connecticut
Censored Regression Models for Complex Data
UConn/UMass Colloquium

Friday, October 26
Xia Wang, University of Cincinnati
Bayesian Hidden Markov Models for Dependent Large-Scale Multiple Testing
AUST 105

Wednesday, October 31
T.S.G. Perris, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Impact of Mathematics (Level 1 and Level 2) on the Performance of Engineering Undergraduates in Level 2: A Case Study
AUST 108

Wednesday, November 7
Mengyang Gu, Johns Hopkins University
Calibration of imperfect mathematical models by multiple sources of data with measurement bias
AUST 108

Wednesday, November 14
Joshua Warren, Yale University
Spatiotemporal Statistical Methods for Monitoring Glaucoma Progression Using Visual Field Data
AUST 108

Wednesday, November 28
Daniel Neill, New York University
Subset Scanning for Event and Pattern Detection
AUST 108

Wednesday, December 5
Lorin Crawford, Brown University
Variable Prioritization in “Black Box” Statistical Methods
AUST 108

Spring 2018

Wednesday, January 24
Jessica Cisewski, Yale University
A preferential attachment model for the stellar initial mass function via approximate Bayesian computation
AUST 108

Wednesday, January 31
Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley
NESS Colloquium; sponsored jointly by NESS and the UConn Departments of Statistics and CSE
On Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and Data Science
MONT 104

Wednesday, February 7
Lucas Janson, Harvard University
Using Knockoffs to find important variables with statistical guarantees
AUST 108

Wednesday, February 14
Fei Miao, University of Connecticut
Data-Driven Dynamic Robust Resource Allocation for Efficient Transportation
AUST 108

Wednesday, February 21
Fei Wang, Cornell University
Is Your Data Cheating You? Towards Explainable AI in Medicine with Knowledge Empowerment
AUST 108

Wednesday, February 28
Kelly Zou, Pfizer
Real-World Evidence in the Era of Big Data
AUST 108

Wednesday, March 7
Nalini Ravishanker, University of Connecticut
Modeling Financial Durations using Penalized Estimating Functions
AUST 108

Wednesday, March 21
Mengyang Gu, Johns Hopkins University
Robust calibration, emulation and scalable computation for imperfect mathematical models with massive output
AUST 108

Wednesday, March 28
Lucas Janson, Harvard University
Using Knockoffs to find important variables with statistical guarantees
AUST 108

Wednesday, April 4
Paul Albert, NIH/NCI
Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics
Innovative Approaches to the Statistical Analysis of Circadian Rhythm Data: Uncovering the Patterns of Life
AUST 108

Wednesday, April 11
Reneé Moore, Emory University
NESS Colloquium; sponsored jointly by NESS and the UCONN Department of Statistics
The Roles of Statisticians in Clinical Trials: Here, There, Everywhere

Wednesday, April 18
Brian Hobbs, Cleveland Clinic
Trial design in the presence of non-exchangeable subpopulations
AUST 108

Friday, April 20
Tyler Kleykamp, Chief Data Officer, State of Connecticut
The Emerging Role of Data in Government
AUST 163

Wednesday, April 25
James Z. Wang, Pennsylvania State University
Sponsored jointly by the CSE and Statistics Departments
Modeling Aesthetics and Emotions in Visual Content – From Vincent van Gogh to Robotics and Vision
Homer Babbidge Library – Class of 1947 Room

Wednesday, April 25
Vince Lyzinski, University of Massachusetts
UConn/UMass Joint Colloquium
Information Recovery in Shuffled Graphs via Graph Matching
AUST 108

Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 6
Joseph Glaz, University of Connecticut
"Multiple Window Scan Statistics for Detecting a Local Change in Variance for Normal Data"

Wednesday, September 13
Zhiyi Chi, University of Connecticut
"Exact sampling for infinitely divisible distributions and Levy processes"

Wednesday, September 20
Brian Hobbs, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Wednesday, September 20
Jungbin Hwang, University of Connecticut
"Should We Go One Step Further? An Accurate Comparison of One-step and Two-step Procedures in a Generalized Method of Moments Framework"

Wednesday, September 27
Shuangge Ma, Yale University
"Integrating multidimensial omics data for cancer prognosis"

Wednesday, October 4
Haoda Fu, Eli Lilly
"Individualized Treatment Recommendation (ITR) for Survival Outcomes"

Friday, October 6
Yang Li, Renmin University of China
"Model Confidence Bounds for Variable Selection"

Wednesday, October 11
Yuping Zhang, University of Connecticut
Joint UConn/UMass Statistics Colloquium
"A statistical framework for data integration through graphical models with application to cancer genomics"
UMass, Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRT) room 1634

Wednesday, October 18
Zongming Ma, University of Pennsylvania
"Optimal hypothesis testing for stochastic block models with growing degrees"

Wednesday, October 25
Néhémy Lim, University of Connecticut
"Balancing Statistical and Computational Precision for Efficient Variable Selection"

Wednesday, November 1
Bin Zou, University of Connecticut
"Optimal investment with transaction costs under cumulative prospect theory in discrete time"

Wednesday, November 8
Daniel Lewis Sussman, Boston University
"Multiple Network Inference: From Joint Embeddings to Graph Matching"

Wednesday, November 15
Zhigen Zhao, Temple University
"Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Estimator For Simultaneous Variances"

Wednesday, November 29
Amy Willis, University of Washington
"Confidence sets for phylogenetic trees"

Wednesday, December 6
Christopher Glynn, University of New Hampshire
"Dynamics of homelessness in urban America"

Spring 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 4:00 pm
Fanfang Wang, University of Connecticut
"On the Estimation of Integrated Volatility in the Frequency Domain"
AUST 105

Wednesday, January 25, 4:00 pm
Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, University of Connecticut
"Heavy-tailed longitudinal regression models for censored data: A likelihood based perspective"
AUST 105

Monday, February 6, 11:00 am
Yuwen Gu, School of Statistics, University of Minnesota
"High-dimensional Generalizations of Asymmetric Least Squares and Their Applications"
AUST 344

Friday, February 10, 11:00 am
Jon Steingrimsson, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
"Doubly Robust Survival Trees and Forests"
AUST 105

Monday, February 13, 9:00 am
Nhat Ho, University of Michigan
"Parameter Estimation and Multilevel Clustering with Mixture and Hierarchical Models"
AUST 344

Wednesday, February 15, 4:00 pm
Vishesh Karwa, Harvard University
"Differentially Private Statistical Inference"
AUST 105

Friday, February 17, 11:00 am
HaiYing Wang, University of New Hampshire
"Information-Based Optimal Subdata Selection for Big Data Linear Regression"
AUST 105

Monday, February 20, 9:00 am
Kuang-Yao Lee, Yale School of Public Health
"On Additive Conditional Independence for High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis"
AUST 344

Wednesday, February 22, 10:00 am
Jon Steingrimsson, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Doubly Robust Survival Trees and Forests
*Rescheduled from Feb. 10
AUST 344

Wednesday, March 8, 4:00 pm
Joint event with School of Education
Dan McNeish, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Is Bayes a Solution for Small Samples?"
Gentry 144

Wednesday, March 22, 4:00 pm
Gongjun Xu, University of Michigan
"Identifying Latent Structures in Restricted Latent Class Models"
AUST 105

Wednesday, March 29, 4:00 pm
Makuch Distinguished Lecture Series in Biostatistics
Andrea Troxel, NYU School of Medicine
"Statistical Issues in Pragmatic Behavioral Clinical Trials"
AUST 105

Wednesday, April 5, 4:00 pm
Michael Lavine, University of Massachusetts
"WHIM: Function Approximation Where It Matters
AUST 105

Wednesday, April 12, 4:00 pm
Donghui Zhang and Xiwen Ma, Sanofi
"Statistical Collaborations in Drug Discovery – Challenges and Opportunities: Some Statistical Issues in Biomarker Identification for Clinical Study"
AUST 105

Wednesday, April 19, 4:00 pm
Bani Mallick, Texas A&M University
"Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Models and their extensions"
AUST 105

Wednesday, April 26, 4:00 pm
Gen Li, Columbia University
"A General Framework for the Association Analysis of Heterogeneous Data"
AUST 105

Fall 2016

Wed, August 17, 11:00 am
Marcos Prates, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
"Where does geography live? A projection approach for spatial confounding"

Wednesday, September 7, 4:00 pm
Taeryon Choi, Korea University
"Bayesian shape restricted regression models using Gaussian processes priors"
AUST 105

Wednesday, September 14, 4:00 pm
Panpan Zhang, University of Connecticut
"Joint distribution of nodes of different outdegrees and the degree profile in preferential dynamic attachment circuits"
AUST 105

Wednesday, September 21, 4:00 pm
Rob Kass, Carnegie Mellon University
"Statistical Thinking in Neuroscience"
AUST 105

Wednesday, September 28, 4:00 pm
Yazhen Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Quantum Computation and Statistics
AUST 105

Wednesday, October 5, 4:00 pm
Neal Thomas, Pfizer Inc.
"Using meta-analyses to guide statistical methodology for clinical dose response studies"
AUST 105

Wednesday, October 12, 4:00 pm
Kung-Sik Chan, University of Iowa
"Inference for Threshold Diffusions"
AUST 105

Wednesday, October 19, 4:00 pm at UMass
Kun Chen, University of Connecticut
"On Large-scale Predictive Modeling of Mixed and Incomplete Outcomes UMass"

Friday, October 28, 11:00 am
Sumona Mondal, Clarkson University
"Sample Size Determination for Power Analysis Using Hierarchical Designs"
AUST 344

Wednesday, November 2, 4:00 pm
Ben Shaby, Penn State University
"Spatial Extreme Value Analysis for Fire Risk Assessment"
AUST 105

Wednesday, November 9, 4:00 pm
Heping Zhang, Yale University
"Statistical Strategies in Analyzing Data with Unequal Prior Knowledge"
AUST 105

Friday, November 18, 11:00 am
David Banks, Duke University
"Statistical Issues with Agent-Based Models"
AUST 344

Wednesday, November 30, 4:00 pm
Nitis Mukhopadhyay, University of Connecticut
"Walking on a Thin Bridge Linking Teaching- Research-Teaching Excites and Rewards Me"
AUST 105

Wednesday, December 7, 4:00 pm
Jim Booth, Cornell University
"Table counting and exact conditional inference for contingency tables"
AUST 105

Spring 2016

Wed, Jan 20, 4:00 PM
"Statistical modeling of RNA structurome from next generation sequencing"
Zhengqing Ouyang, Jackson Lab
AUST 313

Wed, Jan 27, 4:00 PM
"Story of Alpha and Beta in Clinical trials"
Qiqi Deng, Boehringer Ingelheim
AUST 313

Wed, Feb 3, 4:00 PM
"Enterprise business metric forecasting"
Beatriz E. Etchegaray Garcia, IBM
AUST 313

Wed, Feb 17, 4:00 PM
"Change point estimation: another look at multiple testing problems"
Hongyuan Cao, University of Missouri
AUST 105

Wed, Feb 24, 4:00 PM
"Longitudinal SNP Set Association Analysis of Quantitative Phenotypes"
Zuoheng Wang, Yale University
AUST 105

Wed, Mar 2, 4:00 PM
"Adaptation in Shape Constrained Regression"
Bodhisattva Sen, Columbia University
AUST 105

Wed, Mar 9, 4:00 PM
"Multiplicative Error Models for Non-negative Time series"
Narayana Balakrishna, Cochin University of Science and Technology
AUST 105

Fri, Mar 25, 11:00 AM
"Dynamic Model Based Methods to Test for Biosimilarity"
Sujit Ghosh, North Carolina State University
AUST 344

Wed, Mar 30, 4:00 PM
"Perils and potentials of self-selected entry to epidemiological studies and surveys"
Tom Louis, Johns Hopkins
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 6, 4:00 PM
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Analysis of Big Data"
Erin Conlon, University of Massachusetts
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 13, 4:00 PM
"Metric-based Function Registration and Its Applications"
Wei Wu, Florida State University
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 20, 4:00 PM
"Bayesian Spatio-Temporal CAR Models for Tropical Diseases Outbreak Prediction"
Gavino Puggioni, University of Rhode Island
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 27, 4:00 PM
"Sieve Maximum Likelihood Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-censored Failure Time Data"
Jianguo Sun, University of Missouri
AUST 105

Fall 2015

Wed, Sep 9, 4:00 PM
UConn faculty presentations – I
Professors Harel, Glaz, Zhang, Mukhopadhyay, K. Chen, Ravishanker & Pozdnyakov
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 16, 4:00 PM
UConn faculty presentations – II
Professors Schifano, Wang, Vitale, Yan, Bar, M-H. Chen, Chi & Dey
AUST 105

Fri, Sep 18, 10:30 AM
Michael Katehakis, Rutgers University
"On the Asymptotically Optimal Behavior of Sequential Allocation Policies"
Business School 106

Wed, Sep 23, 4:00 PM
Vivekananda Roy, Iowa State University
"Estimating Standard Errors for Importance Sampling Estimators with Multiple Markov Chains"
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 30, 4:00 PM
John W. Emerson, Yale University
"Topics in High-Performance Computing with R for EveRyone"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 7, 4:00 PM
Haim Bar, University of Connecticut
Joint UConn-UMass Colloquium @ Amherst, MA
"A Scalable Empirical Bayes Approach to Variable Selection"
Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRT) room 1634

Fri, Oct 16, 11:00 AM
Tahir Ekin, Texas State University
"Statistical Issues in Medical Fraud Assessment"
AUST 344

Wed, Oct 21, 4:00 PM
Luis Carvalho, Boston University
"A Hierarchical Statistical Model and Computational Methods for Genome-Wide Association Studies"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 28, 4:00 PM
Alan Gelfand, Duke University
"Spatial data and Gaussian processes: A beautiful marriage"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 4, 4:00 PM
Ting Zhang, Boston University
"Semiparametric Model Building for Regression Models with Time-Varying Parameters"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 11, 4:00 PM
Brad Carlin, University of Minnesota
"Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trial Methods for Incorporating Auxiliary Data and Identifying Interesting Subgroups, with Application to Orphan Diseases"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 18, 4:00 PM
Melanie Wall, Columbia University
"In search of an optimally valid criteria set for diagnosing alcohol use disorder"
AUST 105

Wed, Dec 2, 4:00 PM
Steven Chiou, Harvard University
"Joint scale-change models for recurrent events and failure time"
AUST 105

Spring 2015

Wed, Jan 21, 4:00 PM
Hongyo Zhao, Yale University
"Spatial Temporal Modeling of Gene Expression Networks During Human Brain Development"
AUST 105

Wed, Jan 28, 4:00 PM
Guojun Gan, UConn Department of Mathematics
"Clustering by Propagating Probabilities Between Data Points"
AUST 105

Wed, Feb 4, 4:00 PM
Abidemi Adeniji, Boehringer Ingelheim
"Incorporating Diagnostic Accuracy into the Estimation of Discrete Survival Function"
AUST 105

Fri, Feb 13, 10:00 AM
Michael Katehakis, Rutgers University
Joint Colloquium with OPIM
"Multi-Armed Bandits: A survey of models and recent advances"
BUSN 211

Wed, Feb 18, 4:00 PM
Jian Zhou, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Methodology for Biosurveillance"
AUST 105

Wed, Feb 25, 4:00 PM
Ruoqing Zhu, Yale University
Reinforcement learning trees: improving tree-based methods in high-dimensional data analysis
AUST 105

Fri, Mar 6, 2:30 PM
David M. Blei, Columbia University
"Probabilistic Topic Models and User Behavior"
AUST 105

Wed, Mar 11, 4:00 PM
Edoardo Airoldi, Harvard University
"Design and analysis of experiments in the presence of network interference"
AUST 105

Wed, Mar 25, 4:00 PM
Jeremy Taylor; University of Michigan
"Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics: Surrogacy assessment in clinical trials using principal stratification"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 1, 4:00 PM
Yajuan Si, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Bayesian Latent Pattern Mixture Models for Handling Attrition in Panel Studies with Refreshment Samples"
AUST 105

Fri, Apr 10, 11:00 AM
Vijay Nair, University of Michigan
"What’s the Big Deal about ‘BIG DATA’?"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 15, 4:00 PM
Andrew Bray, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Approximately Exact Calculations for Linear Mixed Models"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 22, 4:00 PM
Peter Muller, University of Texas Austin
"A Bayesian Feature Allocation Model for Tumor Heterogeneity"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 29, 4:00 PM
Ming Yuan, University of Wisconsin Madison
"Distance Shrinkage and Euclidean Embedding"
AUST 105

Fall 2014

Wed, Sep 3, 4:00-5:30 PM
Uconn Faculty
Faculty Research Overviews I
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 10, 4:00-5:30 PM
Uconn Faculty
Faculty Research Overviews II
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 17, 4:00 PM
Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
"Asymptotic Composite Estimation"
AUST 105

Mon, Sep 22, 4:40 PM
Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
Special Lecture Series (1/3): “Why dimension reduction and how dimension reduction – some basic concepts”
AUST 344

Wed, Sep 24, 4:00 PM
Dennis Lin, Pennsylvania State University
"Dimensional Analysis and Its Applications in Statistics"
AUST 105

Mon, Sep 29, 4:40 PM
Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
Special Lecture Series (2/3): “Dimension reduction estimation: can linear methods solve nonlinear problems?”
AUST 344

Wed, Oct 1, 4:00 PM
Elizabeth Schifano, Uconn
Uconn/Umass Joint Colloquium
Online Updating of Statistical Inference in the Big Data Setting
UMASS – Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRT) room 1634

Mon, Oct 6, 4:40 PM
Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
Special Lecture Series (3/3): "Estimation – can inverse regression methods solve forward regression problems?"
AUST 344

Wed, Oct 8, 4:00 PM
Yanyuan Ma, TAMU
"Semiparametric Approach to Dimension Reduction"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 8, 2:00 PM
Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University
"Special Statistics Seminar: Estimation for Ultra-High Dimensional Factor Model: a Pivotal Variable Detection-Based Approach"
AUST 326

Wed, Oct 15, 4:00 PM
A. Rollard Gallant, Pennsylvania State University
"Reflections on the Probability Space Induced by Moment Conditions with Implications for Bayesian Inference"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 22, 4:00 PM
Haiying Wang, University of New Hampshire
"Leveraging for Logistic Regression with Big Data"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 29, 4:00 PM
Jing Qian, University of Massachusetts
"Quantile Regression for Survival Data with Delayed Entry"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 5, 4:00 PM
Cici Chen Bauer, Brown University
"Bayesian spatial models for small area estimation with complex survey data"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 12, 4:00 PM
Benjamin Kedem, University of Maryland
"Repeated Out of Sample Fusion in Interval Estimation of Small Tail Probabilities in Food Safety"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 19, 4:00 PM
Hongxia Yang, IBM
"Learning with Dual Heterogeneity: A Nonparametric Bayes Model"
AUST 105

Wed, Dec 3, 4:00 PM
Corwin Zigler, Harvard University
"Posterior-predictive treatment assignments and the estimation of causal effects"
AUST 105

Spring 2014

Fri, Jan 31, 11:00 AM
Sihai Dave Zhao, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine,
Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
"Statistical inference for finding disease-associated transcripts by integrating genomic data using sparse simultaneous signal detection"
AUST 344

Mon, Feb 3, 4:00 PM
Yuping Zhang, Yale University
"Statistical Learning for Data Integration with Applications in Omics Studies"
AUST 344

Wed, Feb 5, 4:00 PM
Yi-Hui Zhou, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Another look at statistical testing and integrative analysis in a big (ger) data era"
AUST 344

Fri, Feb 21, 11:00 AM
Georgios Fellouris, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"Parameter estimation under communication constraints"
AUST 344

Wed, Mar 5, 4:00 PM
Martin Kulldorff, Harvard University
Robert W. Makuch Distinguished Lecture in Biostatistics: "Sequential Statistical Analysis for Post-Market Vaccine and Drug Safety Surveillance"
AUST 344

Wed, Mar 12, 4:00 PM
Sungsu Kim, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Statistical inference for paired circular data in direct and inverse regression settings"
AUST 344

Wed, Mar 26, 4:00 PM
Ian H. Stevenson, University of Connecticut
"Statistical analysis of neural spike train data"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 2, 4:00 PM
Cassandra Pattanayak, Wellesley College
"A Potential Outcomes, and Typically More Powerful, Alternative to 'Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel'"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 9, 4:00 PM
John Staudenmayer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Spring 2014 UMass-UConn Colloquium
"Methods to Assess an Exercise Intervention Trial based on Three-Level Functional Data"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 16, 4:00 PM
Yiyuan She, Florida State University
"On the Structured Variable Selection through Multi-Regularization"
AUST 344

Wed, Apr 23, 4:00 PM
James O. Berger, Duke University
"Reproducibility of Science: P-values and Multiplicity"
AUST 105

Wed, Apr 30, 4:00 PM
Moshe Pollak, The Hebrew University
"On Reaching a Steady State"
AUST 105

Fall 2013

Wed, Aug 28, 4:00 PM
University of Connecticut
Graduate students orientation
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 4, 4:00 PM
University of Connecticut
Faculty presentation
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 11, 4:00 PM
University of Connecticut
Faculty presentation
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 18, 4:00 PM
Forrest Crawford, Yale University
"Birth, death, mutation, and diffusion in evolutionary biology: Markov models on random trees"
AUST 105

Wed, Sep 25, 4:00 PM
Myunghee Lee, Colorado State University
"Outlier Detection for High Dimension, Low Sample Size Data"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 2, 4:00 PM
Recai Yucel, University at Albany, SUNY
"Improving the Coherence of Sequential Multiple Imputation"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 9, 4:00 PM
Steven MacEachern, Ohio State University
"The Blended Paradigm: A Bayesian Approach to Handling Outliers and Misspecified Models"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 16, 4:00 PM
Xiaojing Wang, University of Connecticut
Joint UConn-Umass Colloquium
"Estimating Shape Constrained Functions Using Gaussian Processes"
UMass Lederle Graduate Research Tower (LGRT), room 1634

Wed, Oct 23, 4:00 PM
Priya Kohli, Connecticut College
"Modelling Covariance for Incomplete Multivariate Longitudinal Data"
AUST 105

Wed, Oct 30, 4:00 PM
Sebastien Haneuse, Harvard University
"Bayesian semiparametric analysis of semi-competing risks data: Investigating hospital readmission after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 6, 4:00 PM
George Moustakides, University of Patras
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 13, 4:00 PM
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos, Boston University
"Rare events, Monte Carlo Methods and statistical inference for Multiscale Problems"
AUST 105

Wed, Nov 20, 4:00 PM
Weixin Yao, Kansas State University
"Finite mixture models and some of their extensions"
AUST 105

Wed, Dec 4, 4:00 PM
Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University
"Improved Minimax Estimation under Heteroscedasticity"
AUST 105

Spring 2013

Wed, Jan 23, 4:00 PM
Chris Parks, Yuchen Fama, Brien Aronov, Weimiao Guo, Travelers Insurance
"An Overview of Analytic Function at Travelers Insurance – Applying Science to Drive Business ROI"
AUST 344

Fri, Feb 8, 10:30 AM
Dr. Bertrand S. Clarke, University of Miami
"A Bayesian Criterion for Clustering Stability"
AUST 344

Wed, Feb 13, 4:00 PM
Hon Keung Tony Ng, Southern Methodist University
"Statistical Inference for Component Distribution from System Lifetime Data"
AUST 344

Mon, Feb 18, 4:00 PM
Haim Y. Bar, Cornell University
"A Bivariate Model for Simultaneous Testing in Bioinformatics Data"
AUST 110

Wed, Feb 20, 4:00 PM
Chuanhua Julia Xing, Boston University
"Statistical Methods to Explore Genetic Variant and Biological Networks for a Better Understanding of Human Diseases"
AUST 344

Fri, Feb 22, 10:30 AM
Alexander Tartakovsky, University of Southern California
"Quickest Change-point Detection: State-of-the Art and Recent Accomplishments"
AUST 344

Mon, Feb 25, 4:00 PM
Kun Chen, Kansas State University
"Source-sink Reconstruction through Regularized Multi-component Regression"
AUST 110

Thu, Feb 28, 5:00 PM
Long Qu, Iowa State University
"A Hierarchical Semiparametric Model for Incorporating Intergene Information for Analysis of Genomic Data"
AUST 344

Fri, Mar 1, 11:00 AM
Yuping Zhang, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
"Principal Trend Analysis with Application to Time-course Genomic Data"
AUST 344

Mon, Mar 4, 4:00 PM
Michelle R. Danaher, National Institutes of Health
"New Approaches for Censtrained Bayesian Analysis"
AUST 110

Wed, Mar 6, 4:00 PM
Chunsheng Ma, Wichita State University
"Vector Random Fields with Second-Order Moments or Second-Order Increments"
AUST 344

Fri, Mar 8, 11:00 AM
Emily Kang, University of Cincinnati
"Spatial Analysis of High-Resolution Regional Climate-Change Projection over North America"
AUST 344

Wed, Apr 17, 4:00 PM
Michael Lavine, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Joint UMass-UConn Colloqium
"An Assessment of Climate Change in the Ocean, Mixed-layer Depth, and Subjective Likelihood"
AUST 344

Mon, Apr 22, 4:00 PM
Marcos O. Prates, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
"A Bayesian approach to estimate the abundance of anchovies in the coast of Peru"
AUST 344

Wed, Apr 24, 4:00 PM
Scott Holan, University of Missouri
"Ecological Prediction with Nonlinear Multivariate Time-Frequency Functional Data Models"
AUST 344

Fall 2012

Wed, Aug 29
Joseph Glaz, Zhiyi Chi, Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Jun Yan, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut
Graduate Student Orientation

Wed, Sep 05
Joseph Glaz, Nalini Ravishanker, Nitis Mukhopadhyay, Dipak Dey, Zhiyi Chi, Sangwook Kang, Jun Yan, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut
Faculty Presentations

Wed, Sep 12
Rick Vitale, Elizabeth Schifano, Ming-Hui Chen, Lynn Kuo, Xiaojing Wang, Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Ofer Harel, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut
Faculty Presentations

Wed, Sep 19
Laura A. Hatfield, Harvard Medical School, Department of Health Care Policy
"Learning and information in Bayesian joint models for longitudinal and survival data"

Wed, Sep 26
Chaitra H. Nagaraja, Fordham Business Schools
"Repeat Sales House Price Indices"

Wed, Oct 03
Duncan Fong, Marketing Department, SMEAL College of Business at Penn State
Joint colloquium of the Statistics and Marketing departments
"A Heterogeneous Bayesian Regression Model for Cross-sectional Data Involving a Single Observation per Response Unit"

Wed, Oct 10
Roee Gutman, Department of Biostatistics and Center for Statistical Sciences, Brown University
:A Robust Outcome-Free Procedure for Interval Estimation of Causal Effects"

Wed, Oct 17 @UMass
Sangwook Kang, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut
"Group variable selection in cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation data for veterinary patients"

Wed, Oct 24
Dean Follmann, Biostatistics Research Branch, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
"Estimating the burden of pertussis in Mexican adolescents from paired serological data using a bivariate mixture model"

Wed, Oct 31
Pfizer Colloquium

Wed, Nov 14
Yufeng Wu, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut
"Probability Computation Based On Coalescent Theory For Evolutionary Genomics Problems"

Wed, Nov 28
Harrison Zhou, Department of Statistics, Yale University
"High-Dimensional Covariance Structure Estimation"

Wed, Dec 05
Tania B. Huedo-Medina, Department of Allied Health Sciences,
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut
"Aggregated versus Individual Data Meta-Analysis: Statistical Approaches"

Spring 2012

Wed, Jan 18
Tirthankar Dasgupta, Harvard
"Causal inference from 2-level factorial designs"

Wed, Jan 25
Andrea Foulkes, UMass, Amherst
"Mixed effects Modeling of Meta-Analysis P-values (MixMAP) for gene association studies"

Fri, Feb 10, 2:00 PM
Yulei He, Harvard Medical School
"On the accuracy of classifying hospitals on their performance measures"

Wed, Feb 15
Natallia Katenka, Boston University
"Inference and characterization of multi-attribute networks with application to computational biology and beyond"

Fri, Feb 17, 2:00 PM
Linglong Kong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Varying coefficient models for neuroimaging data"

Wed, Feb 22
Juhee Lee, Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
"A nonparametric Bayesian model for local clustering"

Fri, Feb 24
Elizabeth D. Schifano, Harvard School of Public Health
"Methods for variable selection in high-dimensional genomic studies"

Wed, Feb 29
Hongxiao Zhu, Duke
"Bayesian graphical models for multivariate functional data"

Fri, Mar 2, 2:00 PM
Xiaojing Wang, Duke
"Bayesian Analysis of Dynamic Item Response Models"

Wed, Mar 7
Veera Baladandayuthapani, Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
"Bayesian sparse graphical models and their applications"

Wed, Mar 21
Peter Willett, UConn, EE.
"Label-Free Estimation and Tracking"

Wed, Apr 04
Jane Harvill, Baylor
Semiparametric Forecasting of Nonlinear Temporal Processes

Mon, Apr 9, 11:00 AM
Sastry G. Pantula, NSF-DMS
"Opportunities in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at NSF"

Wed, Apr 11
Haley Hedlin, UMass, Amherst
Joint UMass-UConn Colloquium
"Statistical methods for estimating temporal associations from electrocorticographic (ECoG) data"

Wed, Apr 18
Ryung S. Kim, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"Analysis of Nested Case-Control Study Designs: Weighted Partial Likelihood"

Wed, Apr 25
Min-ge Xie, Rutgers
"Confidence Distribution, the Frequentist Distribution Estimator of a Parameter, and a General Framework for Combining Information"

Fall 2011

Wednesday, August 31
Zhiyi Chi, Nalini Ravishanker, Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Jun Yan, Gong-Yi Liao, Statistics, UConn
New graduate student orientation

Wednesday, September 7
Sangwook Kang, Nitis Mukhopadhyay, Ofer Harel, Jun Yan, Alejandfor Villagran, Statistics, UConn
Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 14
Nalini Pavishanker, Ming-Hui Chen, Joseph Glaz, Vladimir,Pozdnyakov, Dipak Dey, Cry Emile M’lan, Statistics, UConn
Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 21
Ian McKeague, BioStat, Columbia
"Analyzing Growth Trajectories"

Wednesday, September 28
James J Grady, UConn Health Center
"Practical Aspects of Study Design with an Emphasis on Sample Size"

Wednesday, October 5,
Fabrizio Ruggeri, CNR – IMATI (Milano)
"Bayesian Estimation in Stochastic Predator-Prey Models"

Wednesday, October 12
Simon Lunagomez, Harvard

Wednesday, October 19
Alejandro Villagran, UConn
Joint UMass-UConn Colloquium

Wednesday, October 26
Veera Baladandayuthapani, MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Bayesian Nonparametric Functional Models for High-dimensional Genomics Data"

Wednesday, November 2
Jianwen Cai, UNC
"Additive Mixed Effect Model for Clustered Failure Time Data"

Wednesday, November 9
Robert Lund, Clemson
"Changepoints in Climatology"

Wednesday, November 16
Eva Petkova, NYU Medical Center
"Interpreting Meta-Regression: Application to Recent Controversies in Antidepressants’ Efficacy"

Wednesday, November 30
Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard
"Bayesian model averaging for causal inference"

Wednesday, December 7
A. James O’Malley
"Estimation of Peer Effects in Social Networks using Instrument Variables"

Spring 2011

Wednesday, January 19
Dai Feng, Merck
"A New Algorithm to Generate Samples from the Repulsion Potts Model"

Wednesday, January 26
Canceled due to snow

Wednesday, February 2
Canceled due to snow

Wednesday, February 9
Yaakov Bar-Shalom, UConn
"The Information Limit in Clutter: CRLB in the Presence of False Measurements and the ML-PDA Estimator"

Wednesday, February 16
Emiliano A. Valdez, UConn
"Statistical Modeling of Life Insurance Policy Termination and Survivorship"

Wednesday, February 23
Jeongyoun Ahn, U Georgia
"Piling in HDLSS discrimination"

Wednesday, March 2
Zhijin Wu, Brown
"Empirical Bayes Analysis of Sequencing-based Transcriptional Profiling without Replicates"

Monday, March 14
Gabriel Huerta, U New Mexico
"Time-varying and spatial modeling of precipitation extremes"

Wednesday, March 16
Daniel Meyer, Pfizer
"Non-inferiority Trials in Phase 3 Drug Development"

Wednesday, March 23
Vishwanath (Mahesh) Iyer, Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
"A modified single step procedure adaptive FDR controlling procedure"

Wednesday, March 30
Krista Gile, UMass
Joint UConn-UMass Colloquium
"Network Model-Assisted Prevalence Estimation from Respondent-Driven Sampling Data

Wednesday, April 6
Tevfik Aktekin, U New Hampshire
"Bayesian State Space Modeling of Mortgage Default Risk"

Wednesday, April 13
Cleve Moler, Mathworks
"The Evolution of MATLAB"
McCabe Lecture at 1pm Konover Auditorium Dodd Center

Wednesday, April 20
Heping Zhang, Yale
"A Forest Approach to Identification of Genes and Gene-Environment Interactions for Complex Diseases"

Wednesday, April 27
Nilanjan Chatterjee, NCI
"A subset-based approach for flexible and powerful meta-analysis of heterogeneous studies"

Fall 2010

Wednesday, September 1
UConn Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 8
UConn Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 15
Richard Smith, UNC
"Extreme Value Theory and Single-Event Attribution

Wednesday, September 22
Marc Suchard, UCLA
"Phylogenetic likelihoods 100-fold faster, or ridiculously parallel statistical inference"

Wednesday, September 29
Yulei He, Harvard
"Combining Information from Cancer Registry and Medical Records Data to Improve Analyses of Adjuvant Cancer Therapies"

Wednesday, October 6
Surya Tokdar, Duke
"Simultaneous Linear Quantile Regression: A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach"

Wednesday, October 13
Srikesh Arunajadai, Columbia
"A nonlinear model for highly unbalanced repeated time-to-event data: Application to labor progression"

Wednesday, October 20
Michael Willig, UConn
"Dimensions of Biodiversity: Space, Time, and Hierarchy"

Monday, October 25
Jun Zhu, Wisconsin
"Modeling and inference of animal movement using artificial neural networks"

Wednesday, October 27
Jun Yan, UConn
Joint UConn-UMass Colloquium
"Nonparametric rank-based tests of bivariate extreme-value dependence"

Wednesday, November 3
Dong Jin Lee, UConn
"Bootstrap tests for structural Breaks when the regressors and the error term are unstable"

Wednesday, November 10
Cuiling Wang, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"Correction of Bias from Non-random Missing Longitudinal Data Using Auxiliary Information"

Wednesday, November 17
Yi Li, Harvard
"Analysis of Censored Outcomes With High-Dimensional Covariates When p>n and When p<n"

Wednesday, December 01
Vincent Carey, Harvard
"Deployable statistical methodology and software design"

Wednesday, December 08
Eunhee Kim, Brown
"Semi-parametric Transformation Models for Multiple Biomarkers"

Spring 2010

Wednesday, January 20
Shu-Min Liao, Amherst College
"Heteroscedastic Unbalanced Nested Design and Fully Nonparametric ANCOVA"

Wednesday, January 27
Zhiyi Chi, UConn
"Error Controls for Multiple Hypothesis Testing"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Adam Ding, Northeastern
"Analysis and Identifiability for Covariate Effects Model on Survival Times under Dependent Censoring"

Wednesday, February 10
Nitis Mukhopadhyay, University of Connecticut
"A Critical Look at the Role of Stopping Times and Their Distributions"

Wednesday, February 17
Zheyang Wu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Statistical Power of Model Selection Strategies for Genome-Wide Association Studies"

Wednesday, February 24
Evarist Gine, UConn
"Uniform Limit Theorems for Wavelet Density Estimators and Adaptive Estimation of Densities"

Tuesday, March 2
ASA CT chapter

Friday, March 5
Amitava Mukherjee, Umeå University, Sweden
"Beat the Economic Recession to Make Money: A Semi-Sequential Monitoring Approach to Frame Guidelines for Investors"

Wednesday, March 17
Amrita Ghosh Dastidar, Utah State University
"Determination of Exchange Rate Fluctuations"

Wednesday, March 24
Harold S. Schwenk, BGS System Inc
McCabe Lecture
Jointly Sponsored with the Department of Mathematics "Queueing Theory Applied to Business"
Room 131 Biology Physics Building

Monday, March 29
Dorin Drignei, Oakland University
"Multidimensional Kriging Methods with Applications in Climate Modeling"

Wednesday, March 31
K. Sham Bhat, Pennsylvania State University
"Inference for Complex Computer Models and Large Multivariate Spatial Fields with Applications to Climate Change Research"

Friday, April 2
Alejandro Villagran-Hernandez, Rice University
"Non-Parametric Surface Approximation by Hybrid Regeneration"

Monday, April 5
Margaret Short, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
"Predicting vertical connectivity within an aquifer system: A process convolution approach to the reconstruction of a binary field"

Wednesday, April 7
John Staudenmayer, UMass
Joint UMass-UConn Colloquium
"Physical activity estimation, measurement error, and what to do about it"

Wednesday, April 14
Christos P. Tsokos, Univ of South Florida
Global Warming: Myth and Reality

Friday, April 16
Baojiang Chen, University of Washington
"Weighted Generalized Estimating Functions for Incomplete (MAR) Longitudinal Response and Covariates Data"

Monday, April 19
Yuehua Cui, Michigan State University
"Statistical Mapping Genetic Conflicts in Pregnancy Complications"

Wednesday, April 21
Chiungyu Huang, NIH
"Estimation and Model Checking Methods for Recurrent Gap Time Data"

Thursday, April 22
Judy Zhong, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"A Likelihood Based Flexible P-value Threshold Test for Detecting Associations with Rare Variants"

Friday, April 23
Sangwook Kang, The University of Georgia
"Marginal hazards models for case-cohort studies with multiple disease outcomes"

Wednesday, April 28
Stuart Geman, Brown
"Orchestrating Computation in Hierarchical Models"

Monday, August 16
Jinde Wang, Nanjing University
"Application of optimization theory in statistics"

Fall 2009

Wednesday, September 2
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 9
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 16
Olympia Hadjiliadis, Brooklyn College, CUNY
"Decentralized quickest change detection through one shot schemes and coupled sensor systems"

Monday, September 28
Ying Qing Chen, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"On Expectancy Regression"

Wednesday, September 30
Nandita Mitra, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
"A Propensity Score Approach for the Analysis of Population-Based Genetic Association Studies"

Wednesday, October 7
Xuebin Zhang, Climate Research Division, Environment Canada
"Human influence on climate extremes"

Wednesday, October 14
Nitis Mukhopadhyay, UConn
UMass-UConn Joint Colloquium (at UMass, Amherst)
"Is There Any Magic Left in Statistical Inference and Probability?"

Wednesday, October 21
Rick Vitale, UConn
"Some Geometric Gaussiana"

Thursday, October 29
Stephen E. Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Statistics
Pfizer Colloquium

Wednesday, November 4
Francesca Chiaromonte, Pennsylvania State University, Department of Statistics
"Strategies to analyze high dimensional and under-sampled genomics data"

Wednesday, November 11
Matthew Harrison, Brown University
"Conditional inference for assessing the statistical significance of neural spiking patterns"

Wednesday, November 18
Edoardo Airoldi, Harvard University
"A statistical perspective on complex networks"

Wednesday, December 2
Bin Cheng, Columbia University
"Design and Analysis of Multiple-Stage Transitional Seamless Trials with Different Objectives and Endpoints"

Wednesday, December 9
Joe Blitzstein, Harvard University, Department of Statistics
"Respondent-Driven Sampling: Degrees of Uncertainty with Uncertain Degrees"

Spring 2009

Wednesday, January 21
Professor Jun Yan, University of Connecticut
"Fast Large-Sample Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulas"

Wednesday, January 28
Peter Turchin, University of Connecticut
"Dynamical Feedbacks between Population Growth and Sociopolitical Instability"

Wednesday, February 4
Dr. Juan Vivar, University of Connecticut
"Spatio-temporal models for Gaussian areal data"

Wednesday, February 11
Seongho Song, University of Cincinnati
"Bayesian analysis of longitudinal binary data using Markov regression models with skewed links"

Wednesday, February 18
Brian Whitcomb, University of Massachusetts
"Assay calibration method selection and risk estimation; measurement of cytokine levels by chemiluminescence for a study of miscarriage"

Wednesday, February 25
Hongfei Li, IBM
"Environmental Risk Evaluation: a Bayesian Hierarchical Approach for Extreme Temperature over Space and Time"

Wednesday, March 4
Nandita Mitra, University of Pennsylvania, Biostatistics
"A Propensity Score Approach for the Analysis of Population-Based Genetic Association Studies"

Friday, March 20
Olympia Hadjiliadis, Brooklyn College, CUNY
"One shot schemes for decentralized quickest change detection"

Wednesday, March 25
Guido Knapp, Technische Universitat Dortmund
"On Confidence Interval Approaches for the Difference and the Ratio of Two Normal Means in Adaptive Group Sequential and Self-Designing Clinical Trials"

Wednesday, April 1
Daeyoung Kim, University of Massachusetts
UMass-UConn Joint Colloquium
"k-deleted Likelihood in Normal Mixture Models"

Wednesday, April 8
Bin Cheng, Columbia University

Wednesday, April 15
Dongchu Sun, University of Missouri at Columbia
"One-way ANOVA, Fixed Effects or Random?"

Wednesday, April 29
Hernando Ombao, Brown University
"Modeling Functional Brain Connectivity"

Fall 2008

Wednesday, August 27
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 3
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 10
Gerardo Hernandez-del-Valle, Columbia University
"On The Brennan-Schwartz Process, Self-Similar P.D.E.’s And The Density Of Averaged Geometric Brownian Motion"

Wednesday, September 17
Chunrong Zhang, University of Connecticut
"Nonlinear Markov Chain Geostatistics for Prediction and Simulation of Categorical Spatial Variables"

Wednesday, September 24
Lisha Chen, Yale Univeristy
"Nonlinear Dimension Reduction through Local Multidimensional Scaling"

Wednesday, October 1
Samiran Sinha, Texas A&M University
"A New Semiparametric Procedure for Matched Case-Control Studies with Missing Covariates"

Wednesday, October 8
Alejandro Veen, IBM Watson Research Center (Yorktown)
"Estimation of Space-time Point Process Models in Seismology and Model Assessment"

Wednesday, October 15
Mayetri Gupta, Boston University
"Statistical challenges in the analysis of high-throughput genomic data"

Friday, October 24
Rajeshwari Sundaram, NIH, DHHS
"Analyzing recurrent events data in presence of terminal events"

Wednesday, October 29
Tong Zhang, Rutgers University
"Two Algorithms for Learning Sparse Representations"

Wednesday, November 5
Marco A. R. Ferreira, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri – Columbia
"Dynamic Bayesian Multiscale Modeling"

Friday, November 7
Banerjee Sudipto, University of Minnesota
"Hierarchical spatial modeling of additive and dominance genetic variance for large spatial trial datasets"

Wednesday, November 12
Nalini Ravishanker
UMass-UConn Joint Colloquium at the Department of Mathematics at UMass
"An Effective Estimation Approach for Vector Long Memory Time Series with Application to Weather Derivatives Pricing"

Wednesday, December 3
Jason Fine, University of North Carolina, School of Public Health
"Revisiting competing risks data"

Spring 2008

Friday, February 1
Rima Izem, Harvard University
"Analyzing Nonlinear Variation in Functional Data"

Friday, February 8
Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania
"Statistical Methods for Network-Based Analysis of Genomic Data"

Wednesday, February 13
Naitee Ting and Scott Evans, Pfizer and Harvard University
"Preparing for the Job Market"

Wednesday, February 20
Charles Lawrence, Brown University
"Abuse of the Mode in Genomics and an Ensemble Alternative: Forgotten Role of Entropy"

Friday, February 22
Dennis Lin, Penn State University
"BIG Statistics"

Wednesday, February 27
Tian Zheng, Columbia University
"Information-driven screening strategies for complex traits"

Saturday, March 1
Professors Dipak Dey and Jun Yan
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, March 5
Ji Meng Loh, Columbia University
"Accounting for Spatial Correlation in the Scan Statistic"

Wednesday, March 19
Juerg Ott, Rockefeller University

Friday, March 28
Shelemyahu Zacks, Binghamton University
"The Exact Distributions of The Stopping Times and Their Functionals in Two-Stage and Sequential Fixed-Width Confidence Intervals of The Exponential Parameter"

Wednesday, April 16
David Landau, University of Georgia
"A New Approach to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics and Beyond"

Friday, April 18
Jayanta Pal, Duke University
"End-point Estimation for Decreasing Densities: Asymptotic Behavior of the Penalized Likelihood Ratio"

Friday, April 25
Mircea Grigoriu, Cornell University

Fall 2007

Wednesday, August 29
Department of Statistics Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 5
Department of Statistics Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 12
Jun Yan, University of Connecticut
"Partly Functional Temporal Process Regression with Semiparametric Profile Estimating Functions"

Wednesday, September 19
Charles Lawrence, Brown University
"Abuse of the Mode and an Alternative Ensemble Based Estimator"

Wednesday, September 26
Keith Holler, The Travelers
"An overview of research and research jobs at the Travelers Insurance"

Wednesday, October 3
Yulia R. Gel, University of Waterloo, Canada
"On Autoregressive Approximations in Standard and Non-Standard Situations"

Wednesday, October 10
Enrique Schisterman, NIH/NICHD
"Pooling Biospecimens and Limits of Detection: Effects on ROC Curve Analysis"

Wednesday, October 17
Faming Liang, Taxes A&M
"Theory and Applications of Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo"

Wednesday, October 24
Ofer Harel, University of Connecticut
"Inferences on Missing Information Under Multiple Imputation and Two-Stage Multiple Imputation"

Thursday, November 1
Pfizer Colloquium

Wednesday, November 7
Yongtao Guan, Yale University
"A Thinned Block Bootstrap Variance Estimation Procedure for Inhomogeneous Spatial Point Patterns"

Wednesday, November 14
Kostas Kardaras, Boston University
"Pricing and Hedging Barrier Options in Diffusion Models via 3-Dimensional Bessel Processes"

Wednesday, November 28
Jose H. Blanchet, Statistics Department of Harvard
"Counting, Rare-events and Efficient Importance Sampling"

Wednesday, December 5
Mokshay Madiman, Yale University
"Minimax risks for distributed estimation and information inequalities"

Spring 2007

Wednesday, January 17
Paul O. Lewis, University of Connecticut
"Phylogenetic Model Selection and the Polytomy Problem"

Wednesday, January 24
Nicholas J. Horton, Smith College
"Much ado about nothing: methods and implementations to estimate incomplete data regression models"

Wednesday, January 31
Yoav Benjamini, Tel-Aviv University
"What Can Be Learned about False Discovery Rates from Very Large Problems"

Wednesday, February 7
Uri Eden, Boston University
"Point Process Filters Applied to the Analysis of Spiking Neural Systems"

Wednesday, February 14
Richard Nickl, University of Connecticut
"Uniform Central Limit Theorems for Density Estimators"

Wednesday, February 21
Robb Muirhead, Pfizer Global Res. & Dev.
"Random Rotations and Statistical Inference about QT Signals"

Friday, March 2
Cheng-Der Fuh, National Central University and Academia Sinica
"Estimation in Hidden Markov Models via Efficient Importance Sampling"

Wednesday, March 14
Yongmiao Hong, Cornell University
"Joint Economics and Statistics colloquium: Generalized Residual-Based Diagnostic Testing for Duration Models with Censoring"

Monday, March 19
Richard Nickl, University of Connecticut
"Uniform Central Limit Theorems for Density Estimators"

Wednesday, March 21
Hariharan Swaminathan & H. Jane Rogers, University of Connecticut
"Bayesian Estimation of Random Coefficients in Multilevel Models"

Wednesday, March 28
Ta-Hsin Li, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
"A Statistical Framework of Optimal Workload Consolidation with Application to Capacity Planning for On-Demand Computing"

Wednesday, April 11
Xiaotong Shen, University of Minnesota
"Efficient large margin semisupervised learning"

Wednesday, April 18
Leonard A. Stefanski, North Carolina State University
"Some Contributions to the Theory, Practice and Teaching of Variable Selection Methods"

Monday, April 23
Jianqing Fan, Princeton University
"Sure Independence Screening for Ultra-High Dimensional Feature Space"

Wednesday, April 25
John Buonaccorsi, UMass, Amherst
"Measurement/Observation Error in a Random Walk with Drift: Consequences and Correction"

Fall 2006

Wednesday, August 30
Department of Statistics Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 6
Department of Statistics Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 13
Department of Statistics Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, September 20
Steven Ma, Yale University
"ROC Method for Disease Classification and Biomarker Selection With Genomic Data"

Wednesday, September 27
Ron S. Kenett, University of Torino
"Bootstrap analysis of designed experiments"

Saturday, October 7
Bayesian Nonparametrics

Monday, October 9
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Princeton
Joint Colloquium with Finance Department
"Testing for Jumps in a Discretely Observed Process"

Monday, October 16
Vijay Nair, Michigan University
"Analyzing Computer and Communications Networks: Some Statistical Issues and Challenges"

Wednesday, October 18
Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Department of Statistics, UConn
Joint UConn-UMass Colloquium
"Markov Switching Model"

Wednesday, October 25
Yasuo Amemiya, IBM
"Statistics at IBM Research & Modern Multivariate Analysis for A Technology Service Application"

Friday, November 10
Hedibert Freitas Lopes, University of Chicago
"Spatial Dynamic Factor Models"

Wednesday, November 15
Surajit Ray, Boston University
"Modal inference and its application to high-dimensional clustering"

Thursday, November 30
Pfizer Colloquium
"Objective Bayesian/Frequentist Statistics: My Way with Quantiles"

Wednesday, December 6
Roger Bilisoly, Central Connecticut University
"Clustering the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe: A Text Mining Application"

Spring 2006

Wednesday, January 25
James P. McDermott
"Sequential Quantile Estimation Methods for Streaming Data"

Wednesday, February 15
Parimal Mukhopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute
"On Post Sample Robust Prediction in Finite Population Sampling"

Wednesday, February 22
David Kenny, UConn
"Application of Triangle of Interpersonal Model"

Wednesday, March 1
Jeffrey Townsend, UConn
"Statistical tests for directional selection using data on quantitative trait loci"

Friday, March 17
Joseph Cappelleri, Pfizer Global Research and UConn
"Using the Cumulative Logit Model to Enhance Interpretation of Health Status Measures: An Application to the Self-Esteem And Relationship Questionnaire for Men with Erectile Dysfunction"

Wednesday, March 22
Gabriel Chandler, Connecticut College
"Measuring the Concentration of a Function: Ideas and Applications in Non-Stationary Time Series"

Wednesday, March 29
Cindy Weiss, UConn
"Podcasting: A New Communications and Classroom Tool"

Wednesday, April 12
Hammou El Barmi, Baruch College, CUNY
"Consistent Estimation of Distributions with Type II Bias with Applications in Competing Risk Problems"

Wednesday, April 19
Jayson D. Wilbur, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Classification in Distance Space"

Wednesday, April 26
Recai Yucel, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMass, Amherst
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"Missing data in cluster samples: Design-based and Bayesian perspectives"

Fall 2005

Wednesday, August 31
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 7
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 14
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 21
Harry Zhou, Yale University
"Quantile Coupling Inequalities for Symmetric Random Variables and their Applications"

Wednesday, September 28
Wanli Min, IBM
"On Processes Generated from Weakly Dependent Sequence"

Wednesday, October 5
Michael Keane, Department of Mathematics, Wesleyan University
"On Spontaneous Emergence of Opinions: Results and Conjectures Concerning Reinforced Random Walks"

Wednesday, October 19
Zhiyi Chi, Department of Statistics, UConn
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"A bottleneck of FDR and a way to break it"

Wednesday, October 26
Zhezhen Jin, Department of Biostatistics, Columbia University
"Some Statistical Issues and Methods in the Analysis of Data from Alzheimer’s Disease Studies"

Saturday, November 5
Chris C. Heyde, Australian National University and Columbia University
Pfizer Colloquium
"A Futuristic View on a Half-century of Statistics and Applied Probability"
“Conversation” with Steven Kou and Sidney Resnic

Friday, November 11
Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Florida
"Bayesian Analysis of Case-Control Studies"

Wednesday, November 16
Samuel Kou, Harvard University
"Equi-energy sampler: From statistical inference to statistical mechanics"

Wednesday, November 30
Hannes Leeb, Yale University
"Model selection and inference in regression when the number of explanatory variable is of the same order as sample size"

Wednesday, December 7
Xihong Lin, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University
"Nonparametric and Semiparametric Regression for Longitudinal/Clustered Data and High-Dimensional Data"

Spring 2005

Wednesday, January 19
Faculty Presentations

Monday, January 31
Hua Liang, Department of Biostatistics, St. Jude Childrens’ Research Hospital
"Semiparametric Measurement Error Models"

Wednesday, February 2
Qingxia Chen, Department of Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Theory and Inference for Parametric and Semiparametric Methods in Missing Data Problems"

Friday, February 4
Mathew Bognar, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Iowa
"On Bayesian Inference for Spatially Inhomogeneous Pairwise Interacting Point Processes"

Friday, February 11
Zhiyi Chi, Department of Statistics, University of Chicago
"Pattern Detection for Point Processes"

Monday, February 14
Thomas Braun, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan School of Public Health
"Analysis of Clustered Binary Data with Heterogeneous Intra-Cluster Correlation"

Wednesday, February 16
Devin Johnson, University of Alaska Fairbanks
"Bayesian Model Selection for Geostatistical Regression Data"

Friday, February 18
Ofer Harel, Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington School of Public Health
"Strategies for Data Analysis with Two Types of Missing Values"

Wednesday, March 2
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, March 16
Ravi Bapna, Operations and Information Management, UConn
"Consumer Surplus in Online Auctions"

Wednesday, March 23
Anna Liu, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMass, Amherst
"Hypothesis Testing in Smoothing Spline Models"

Wednesday, March 30
Erin M. Conlon, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMass, Amherst
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"Integrating Regulatory Motif Discovery and Genome-Wide Expression Analysis"

Friday, April 8
Zhen Chen, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine
"Modelling Developmental Toxicity Endpoints: A Causal Inference Approach"

Wednesday, April 13
Peter Willett, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UConn
"Monopulse Radar Detection and Localization of Multiple Unresolved Targets via Joint Bin Processing"

Monday, April 18
David Salsburg
"Who Wrote the Hebrew Bible?"

Wednesday, April 20
Gautam Tripathi, Economics, UConn
"Combining Datasets to Overcome Selection Caused by Censoring and Truncation in Moment Based Models"

Saturday, April 23
The 19th New England Statistics Symposium at UConn

Wednesday, April 27
Tod Luginbuhl, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, Rhode Island
"Statistical Approaches to Track Management for the PMHT Algorithm"

Fall 2004

Wednesday, September 1
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 8
Faculty Presentations

Wednesday, September 22
Charles Vinsonhaler, UConn
"An Analysis of the Life Settlements Industry"

Friday, September 24
Bimal K. Sinha, University of Maryland Baltimore County
"On Some Aspects of Tukey’s Test for Non-Additivity with One Degree of Freedom"

Wednesday, September 29
Marc Mehlman, University of New Haven
"Structure and Moving Average Representation for Strongly Harmonizable Processes"

Friday, October 1
Juan Lin, Rutgers University
"Beyond Clustering: Cluster Relational Analysis of Co-Occurrence and Conditional-Occurrence Data"

Friday, October 8
Subhashis Ghosal, NC State University
"Proportional Mean Regression Under Censoring: A Bayesian Approach Through Mixture Models"

Wednesday, October 13
Daniel Larose, Central Connecticut State University
"Data Mining: Statisticians Needed!"

Wednesday, October 20
Cyr Emile M’Lan, UConn
Joint UConn/UMass Colloquium
"Estimating Global and Gene-Specificient Parameters in Unbalanced Multifactorial ANOVA Model of Microarray Data"

Wednesday, October 27
Tumulesh Solanky, University of New Orleans
"On Efficiency and Robustness of Some Designs for the Partition Problem"

Friday, November 5
Sudipto Banerjee, University of Minnesota
"Statistical Wombling: On the Statistical Assessment of Gradients and Boundaries Under Spatial Process Models"

Saturday, November 13
David Brillinger, University of California-Berkeley
Pfizer Colloquium

Saturday, November 13
Conversation with William H. Williams, Hunter College, CCNY "A Journey Through Random Process Data Analysis: One Type to the Next"

Saturday, November 13
Kjell Doksum, University of California-Berkeley and University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wednesday, November 17
Patrick J. Wolfe, Harvard
"A Bayesian View of Some Fundamental Problems in Statistical Signal Processing"

Friday, November 19
Michael Levine, Purdue
"Nonparametric Estimation of Volatility Models with Serially Dependent Innovations"

Wednesday, December 1
Uwe Koehn, UConn
"Theoretical Insight from a Simple Consulting Problem: Testing Bicycle Frames"

Spring 2004

Monday, April 19
Anthony V. D’Amico, Harvard Medical School
"Surrogate End Point for Prostate Cancer Specific Mortality"

Wednesday, April 21
Zhiliang Ying, Columbia University
"Some Recent Developments in Semiparametric Transformation Models"

Wednesday, April 28
Reuven Kashi.pdf, Rutgers University
"Analyzing Quantitative Databases Using Data Visualization"