The UConn Department of Statistics is internationally recognized for excellence in research. Our faculty members and students have interests that cover all major statistical specializations. They receive high-profile awards, grants, and publications, and push the boundaries of statistical knowledge.

Research Specialties

Statisticians must continually develop new general statistical methods to meet the changing needs of researchers across disciplines. Disciplinary statistical research consists of developing general statistical methods and studying the properties of these methods.

Our faculty specialize in the disciplinary research areas listed below. Click on the titles to learn more about our faculty members working in each area.

In addition, the Department plays a critical role in interdisciplinary research at UConn. We serve as co-investigators with researchers from other disciplines to develop and study methodology for specific applications, including health-related biostatistics, genomics, bioinformatics, and personalized medicine.

Research Facilities

Through access to our research facilities, students and faculty in the Department of Statistics are given the resources they need to process large volumes of data and deepen the well of statistical knowledge. Available facilities include research and teaching labs, a library, multiple Linux and Windows computer labs, a high-performance computing cluster, and a dedicated statistics cluster.
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Technical Reports

Department of Statistics Technical Reports are unpublished manuscripts, although many have been submitted to and published in peer-reviewed journals. The primary function of these technical reports is to present research findings to the public.
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