About Us

The Department of Statistics at the University of Connecticut is recognized internationally for its reputation for excellence in education, research, and service to the profession.

Founded in 1962, we are one of the major statistics departments in New England. We provide outstanding teaching and service to the University and prepare our students for careers in academia, industry, government, and beyond. Our core faculty comprises more than 20 professors whose teaching and research interests span virtually all major statistical specializations.

Our Priorities

Teaching and Training

Our academic programs train the experts of the future, and give our students the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing job market.

Undergraduate Education

The Department offers Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in statistics; a BS degree in statistical data science; and BS/BA degrees in mathematics-statistics, offered jointly with the Department of Mathematics. We also offer a minor in statistics.

Graduate Education

Students can pursue a Ph.D. in Statistics, a terminal Master of Science (MS) in Statistics, and a terminal MS in Biostatistics. The Department also contributes to an interdisciplinary MS in Data Science.

General Education

In addition to our degree programs, the Department engages students across the University through service teaching and research courses.


Our faculty and student researchers are incredibly active, with many receiving high-profile awards, grants, and publications.

Disciplinary Research

Our field must continually develop general statistical methods to meet the changing needs of researchers across disciplines. UConn’s disciplinary statistical research consists of developing appropriate general statistical methods and studying the properties of such methods.

Interdisciplinary Research

Our researchers play a critical role as co-investigators by developing and studying methodology for very specific applications, working alongside researchers from other disciplines.

Service and Outreach

In an era dominated by data-driven research, our Department is committed to sharing knowledge with our communities at UConn and beyond.


In order to strengthen the University's research infrastructure, members of the Department consult with researchers from other disciplines at UConn, helping scholars get their papers published and their grants funded.

Events and Community Engagement

The Department maintains active relationships with professional organizations in our disciplines, as well as with area employers and peer institutions. We host numerous events throughout the year to engage statisticians at all levels.