Statistics Minor

Understanding statistics is important for research in nearly all disciplines, including agriculture, business, education, science, and engineering, as well as many jobs in industry and government. UConn’s minor in statistics allows undergraduates from other disciplines to explore this essential field and how to apply statistical concepts to their work.

Minor Requirements

The statistics minor requires at least 15 credits at the 2000-level or above. Students may choose one of two options:

  • Track I: STAT 2215Q, 3115Q, 3375Q, 3445Q, and one course from the list of optional courses below.
  • Track II: STAT 2215Q, 3025Q, 3115Q, plus two courses from the list of optional courses below.
  • Optional Courses: STAT 3515Q, 3675Q, 3965, 4475, 4525, 4625, 4825, and 4875.

Students who have passed MATH 1132Q or 1152Q and MATH 2110Q or 2130Q are strongly advised to take Track I. Students who have passed only MATH 1132Q or 1152Q should take Track II. Students must earn a C or better in each course used toward the 15 minor credits.


Full Requirements for the Statistics Minor

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Students can declare a minor in statistics on the Online Program Change site.


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For questions about the statistics minor, please contact the statistics academic advisor:

Alyssa O’Keefe

Academic Advisor