Statistics Colloquium: Steve Leeds, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

This event is part of the Fall 2022 Statistics Colloquium

Non-Technical Strategies and Behaviors Every Successful Data Analyst Should Adopt

Presented by Steve Leeds, Vice President of Business Analytics, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Wednesday, December 7
4:00 p.m. ET
AUST 434

There’s nothing more exciting during your analytic career than discovering key relationships in the data that can have a significant impact on the business. Having your findings become even a small part of a business decision is where analytics truly meets the business.
While this is what is hoped for when you’re doing analytics in the business environment, the reality is that there are many roadblocks along the way that analysts are either not aware of, or don’t know how to navigate.
To become the irreplaceable analyst, you must be able to learn these softer skills, in addition to having a certain awareness around the clients you support.
Steve will tell you about his journey from his UCONN Graduate School days and what he’s noticed are the non-statistical essentials of business success for someone working in analytics.

Speaker Bio:

Steve Leeds is the Vice President of Business Analytics for Ironwood Pharmaceuticals with nearly forty years of experience in data and business analytics. He has led analytic groups at large companies such as American Express and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, as well as smaller and mid-size companies such as Donnelley Marketing and Bausch Health. As founder of the consulting company TMI Associates (in the 1990’s), he built statistical models for the banking, financial services, insurance, automotive, and retail industry, and supported various direct marketing companies.
Steve has a PhD in statistics from the University of Connecticut, where he also taught introductory and advanced statistics as a lecturer. Throughout his career, he has had a front row seat for the evolution of analytics and the great advances in analytic technology. During his unique experience, he worked his way up inside big companies and ultimately managed large analytic groups, in addition to working across various industries as a consultant. His passion lies not only in doing the analytics, but clearly communicating those results to help his clients get the most from the analyst/client interaction.
Steve is the author of the recently released book "The Analytic Detective, Decipher Your Company’s Data Clues and Become Irreplaceable".