Author: Lim, Heeju

– Prof. Ofer Harel has been appointed by UConn CLAS as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs.

Ofer Harel, professor and director of graduate admissions, will assume the position of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs on March 15, 2021.    A member of the UConn Department of Statistics since 2005, Ofer’s scholarship includes methods for handling incomplete data, verification bias, and Bayesian analyses.  He is a member of an NIH […]

– The audiobook was published by David Salsburg, ’66 PhD.

David S. Salsburg (born 1931) is a retired pharmaceutical company statistician who graduated UConn in 1966.  He had taught at Harvard, Yale, Connecticut College, the University of Connecticut, the University of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island College, and Trinity College and has been a Fellow of the American Statistical Association since 1978. His 2002 book The Lady […]