Undergraduate Courses

Below is a list of undergraduate courses that the Department of Statistics offers during the current academic year.

UConn students taking statistics courses have access to a variety of statistical software through the University. Learn more on our Statistical Software page.

Academic Year 2023-2024

4916W. Writing in Data Science

1.00 credits

Prerequisites: STAT 3255; STAT 3025Q or 3375Q or MATH 3160 or instructor consent; ENGL 1007 or 1010 or 1011 or 2011. Corequisite: STAT 4915 must be taken concurrently with STAT 4916W or instructor consent.

Grading Basis: Graded

The course is a companion course to STAT 4915, which must be taken concurrently. Students will write a well-revised and comprehensive paper on their STAT 4915 course project, including literature review, description of technical details, reproducible statistical and data scientific analyses, and discussion of results.