Vladimir Pozdnyakov



Selected Publications

  • (With J.P. Lautier and J. Yan) 2023. Pricing time-to-event contingent cash flows: A discrete-time survival analysis approach, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 110, 53-71.
  • (With C. Hu and J. Yan) 2022. On Occupation Time for On-off processes with Multiple Off-states, Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications, 9, 413-430.
  • (With C. Hu, M. Elbroch, T. Meyer, and J. Yan) 2021. Moving-Resting Process with Measurement Error in Animal Movement Modeling, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12, 2221-2233.
  • (With M. Elbroch, C. Hu, T. Meyer, and J. Yan) 2020. On Estimation for Brownian Motion Governed by Telegraph Process with Multiple Off States, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 22, 1275-1291.
Vladimir Pozdnyakov
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Office LocationAUST 324
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Research Interests
  • Applied probability
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Sequential analysis