Mary Lai Salvana

Assistant Professor


Selected Publications

  • Salvaña, M. L. O., Lenzi, A., & Genton, M. G. (2022). Spatio-temporal cross-covariance functions under the Lagrangian framework with Multiple Advections. Journal of the American Statistical Association (to appear).
  • Salvaña, M. L. O., Abdulah, S., Ltaief, H., Sun, Y., Genton, M. G., & Keyes, D. E. (2022). Parallel space-time likelihood optimization for air pollution prediction on large-scale systems. PASC ’22: Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference, 17, 1-11.
  • Salvaña, M. L. O., Abdulah, S., Huang, H., Ltaief, H., Sun, Y., Genton, M. G., & Keyes, D. E. (2021). High performance multivariate spatial modeling for geostatistical data on manycore systems. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 32(11), 2719-2733.
  • Salvaña, M. L. O., & Genton, M. G. (2021). Lagrangian spatio-temporal nonstationary covariance functions. Book Chapter in Advances in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics, Festschrift for Prof. C. Thomas-Agnan, 427-447.
  • Salvaña, M. L. O. & Genton, M. G. (2020). Nonstationary cross-covariance functions for multivariate spatio-temporal random fields. Spatial Statistics, 37, 100411.
Mary Lai Salvana
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CampusStorrs Campus
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Research Interests
  • Multivariate space-time statistics
  • Environmental statistics
  • High performance computing
  • Extreme events, risks, disasters
  • Climate change