An Introduction to the UConn Statistics Cluster (September 13, 2021)

All faculty and graduate students in the Department of Statistics are invited.

Time:   September 13, 3:35 pm to 4:25 pm

Place: AUST 103

Speaker: Daniel Prather, Administrator for the Statistics Computer Cluster

Title: An Introduction to the UConn Statistics Cluster

Abstract: The statistics computer cluster is available to the faculty and graduate students of the department of statistics and is maintained by the physics lab of Dr. Richard Jones. This talk will provide an overview of the cluster structure and explain the process of obtaining an account. An in-depth example of utilizing the cluster will also be presented, including instructions on job submission, file storage space, monitoring jobs, and file transfers.

Specific topics to be discussed:

-The structure of the cluster (make and quantity of CPUs, storage size, RAM size, possibility of using other cluster racks, etc)

-How to get a stats account for the cluster

-How to access the cluster once you have an account (this includes how to setup PuTTY for Windows users)

-Basic introduction to Linux

-An explanation of the various directories for use and which ones should be used for what purpose

-A detailed example of how to submit a job, going through all the steps and explaining the various parts

-How to monitor the jobs once they’ve been submitted

-How to transfer the result files once the job is complete

-How to submit questions regarding the cluster